What Would You Bring Under The Water?

It’s no secret that today’s society has become reliant on portable technology and our constant need to have everything accessible to us at a moment’s notice. Depending on your gender and generation, it might be a smartphone, a fit-bit, a camera, an iPod, a navigation device, or a Leatherman tool. And let’s face it… a lot of divers are “gadget” people, we like the latest and greatest devices, no matter what our age.

When we decide to go out in the deep blue sea, wouldn’t it be nice if we could bring something like our smartphone with us when we decide to jump in?

The Best Tool for Underwater Fun

Bringing your smartphone is hypothetical (right now) as the device would have to be water- and pressure-proof. There are, however, other electronic devices we can put in a pressure-proof housing right now. A wetsuit with a custom-shaped pocket would be the perfect spot to hold the device during the dive.

Divers typically bring knives, flashlights, cameras, and even GPS devices with them for their journeys into unfamiliar waters. Especially on an exotic dive vacation, your GPS device and camera can serve as detailed log of your dives. If you had the right pockets in your wetsuit, you could bring them along, plus items like your ID or a device to check your vitals. Perhaps you’ll need a pocket for safety signaling devices or an emergency short-term underwater breathing device.

All of your tools would be close at hand, making your day in the water a whole lot easier and safer. Maybe the “Best Tool” for underwater fun isn’t a tool at all, it’s the pocket that holds your favorite device(s).

In this survey below, tell us what you’d bring along with you, if you could fit it in a wetsuit pocket: Create your own user feedback survey

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