Wetsuits for Specialty Photographers

Scuba diving and snorkeling are not just for the adventurous vacationer. People actually make a career out of diving below the water.  We would never know of the world that lies beneath the blue without professionals who have dedicated their life’s work to uncovering it.

Underwater photographers especially, have played an important part in our understanding of the living species and how to care for that environment under the water.

Casual exploration in the blue may take a matter of a few minutes once or twice in a lifetime. For a photographer who makes a living out of photographing in the water, this is instead a quite frequent occurrence; therefore, proper equipment is needed.

One of the essential items an underwater photographer needs is a wetsuit. The wetsuit is the ideal barrier between the photographer’s delicate skin and the elements in the water. Wetsuits protect against the prolonged debilitating stress of the cold water as well as to prevent against cuts and scrapes. Since underwater photographers often setup their shots close to coral reefs, and may be looking through the lens or view screen rather than at their surroundings, skin protection is a must.  exposed photographer  If you’re looking through your viewfinder for that perfect shot, you may not be aware of how close your knees are to the reef. 

Neoprene wetsuits provide excellent protection from coral scrapes and cuts, but not all of them are equally “ergonomic” for the positions photographers find themselves in. For example:

  • To get the “perfect” shot sometimes you’re balancing on one elbow for a looooooong time. Kevlar elbow-, knee-, and thigh-pads help cushion the suit and protect it from tears.
  • white balance pocketVideographers need to set, and reset, the white balance depending on depth and light conditions. A Terrapin white-balance pocket (made of special white neoprene) gives you a constant white source without the need to carry an awkward plastic slate.
  • Both types of divers carry their cameras with a bent-elbow posture for long periods of time, so a suit designed with more space across the back of the shoulders, and bent elbows is more comfortable.

Terrapin Wetsuits custom makes wetsuits for a variety of underwater professionals, including photographers. To learn more about our specialty suits and the materials we use to make them, contact us today.