Warranty Terms and Conditions


Terrapin extends a 6-month warranty on materials and labor… if the material delaminates, a stitch comes unraveled, or a seam opens on a Terrapin-made seam, we will repair your suit free of charge.  If you have to ship the suit to Terrapin for this repair, we will pay to return ship it to you.  No warranty is expressed or implied on materials not provided by Terrapin (for example, customer-supplied pockets or patches), or to the item to which they are applied, or to other parts of suits not altered by us.  Since Terrapin does custom work, we will accommodate the client’s fit-preferences whenever possible, however, if this results in a suit that fits tighter than dive industry standards, it may cause premature wear and tear of the suit.  In this case Terrapin’s warranty will not cover the cost of replacing overstretched or torn neoprene.  While we can usually accommodate changes in fit or design after orders are placed, the increase in labor and materials will be charged to the customer. 

Terrapin Wetsuits provides no warranty as to functionality, serviceability, therapeutic properties, or longevity of products made.  For unique customer-specified designs (for example: products made to customer specifications, non-standard use of materials, or items other than SCUBA wetsuits), Terrapin is under no obligation to provide future alterations or repairs.  Any alterations or repairs (even within the first 6 months) conducted on such products will be at the posted labor and material rates. 

 Products are not guaranteed to be water-proof or fade-proof.  No refunds or returns; all sales are final.

Alterations & Repairs:

We can alter or repair your wet suit, diveskin, microprene, or Polartec suit.  We can do some repairs (but not all) on dry-suits and fishing waders, but will not guarantee them to be water-tight afterwards, so ask before shipping these. We will be happy to discuss alterations with you to give you a rough estimate of the potential cost, however, firm quotes can only be extended after examining your suit.   There is a minimum 1/2 hour charge for alteration quotes, regardless of the amount of time to do the alterations or provide a quote.  This charge will be applied to the work done, or is a stand-alone charge if the customer decides not to alter the garment.  For best possible fit, please plan to appear in person for up to 2 consultation and fitting sessions.  If you cannot come to our shop for measurement or fitting, we will strive to adjust your suit to match the measurements you provide.  Terrapin is not responsible for errors in measurements provided by clients.  Please be aware that alterations to other manufacturer’s wetsuits may void their warranty.

Care and Feeding of your new Terrapin Wet Suit or Water Sport Accessory:

Terrapin uses the highest quality neoprene and Polartec materials.  To keep the color and resilience of your new wetsuit or other garment in top condition, we recommend you rinse in fresh water after each dive and air-dry it inside-out and out of direct sunlight.  Do not expose your suit to heat, never put it in a clothes dryer.  After your dive trip is over, or before storing the suit for an extended time, hand wash in a dilute solution of delicate hand-laundry detergent (we recommend PSI 500 brand or Sink-the-Stink brand wetsuit wash), then rinse thoroughly.  Hang your suit on a wide-shouldered hanger (we recommend and sell Baker Ventilator hangers).  Start the drying with the suit inside-out, and then turn it right-side-out after the inside is completely dry.  Store suits hanging on wide hangers, rather than on narrow hangers or folded, to avoid permanent creases in the neoprene.

Special care notes:

Polartec: Do this prior to first time use of Polartec material:  Soak your Polartec garment in a non-reactive basin (not aluminum!) filled with a dissolved mixture of 1 C Kosher salt to 1 Gal cold water.  Completely submerge the garment and let it soak for 2 hours.  This will help set the very intensely colored dyes.  Rinse the garment in clear, cold water and hang right-side-out to dry on a wide hanger.

SCS Metal Finish Interior: Be sure the suit is completely dry before storing or packing.  Avoid storing or packing wetsuits with SCS Metal finish interior flattened against itself.  When hanging garment, ensure there is sufficient room for the garment to have airspace inside.  When packing garment, it may be beneficial to pack it inside out, but protected from any sharp edges of other packed items.  Before putting on the garment after long-term storage or being flattened in a suitcase, reach into the arms and legs of the garments to make sure the sides haven’t stuck together; if they have, pull them open slowly before donning, to make it easier to slide into the suit.

Payment Terms:

Terrapin Wet Suits accepts personal checks, company checks, e-checks through Intuit Payment Services and credit card payments through PayPal, but does not accept wire transfers or direct credit card charges. A 3% merchant service fee will be added to PayPal transactions. 

Individual Clients:

For Custom wetsuits and client-designed products, a deposit of 50% of the quoted cost is required to commence work.  Payment of all remaining balance and taxes is due when product is complete.  We will ship your item when we receive your payment.  Terrapin is not responsible for products left 60 days beyond notice of completion.  Items sent for repair or alterations without sufficient information to proceed will be deemed as “Abandoned” if needed information is not provided within 60 days of the date of request, as documented by email transmission.  Storage charges will apply for products held longer than 60 days, and will be based on the Texas Consumer Credit Agency Deferred Presentment Transaction Rate Charts.  No refunds or returns; all sales are final.

Business/Corporate Clients:

Payment is due when product is complete.   Once a payment history is established, we can create a credit account for your company. Credit account invoices paid within 30 days of shipping the product are treated the same as cash.  Invoices not paid within this 30 days accrue a 10% LATE FEE, plus interest based on the Texas Consumer Credit Agency Deferred Presentment Transaction Rate Charts. You agree that the person placing the order with Terrapin Wet Suits is authorized to do so and that you will pay all Terrapin invoices associated with the order.  In order to avoid sales tax, you must provide a completed Texas Sales Tax Exemption form.