Triathletes Deserve a Wetsuit that Fits, too!

Now that the weather is warming up just a bit in the south, lots of serious athletes start their spring training for Triathlon events. Although most of Terrapin Wetsuits’ customers are scuba divers, this is the time of year I get calls from triathletes, asking about repairing cuts and tears in their wetsuits that happened last year.

Terrapin Wetsuits can repair those pesky fingernail tears that happen to soft tri-suits. But we can do a lot more than that:
* If your zipper broke, we can probably fix it.
* If your suit is too long or too short, we can definitely alter it, including alterations for disabled or Para-Athletes.  Adding a zipper to the thigh makes it easy to change out an artificial leg

* If you can see light through the seams, we can repair and reinforce them so they won’t tear during a race
* If you’re shopping for a new tri-suit and are in-between sizes, we can alter a suit to fit you exactly, including letting out to expand the size where needed. That will optimize the insulating and buoyancy of the suit…much better for the life of the suit, and much better for your comfort and performance during a race than wearing one that’s too tight!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Many tri-suits are made with a hydrophilic coating on the outside to make them glide through the water with less resistance. This coating needs special care. Remember to rinse your suit in fresh water after use, and if you peeled it off inside out, then be careful to turn it right-side out so the coated exterior surface can dry completely. Let this dry BEFORE turning it inside-out to dry the fabric side of the suit. Otherwise, you risk the chance that the hydrophilic coating will stick to itself if the legs or sleeves are pressed together. Then you might see some tearing when you try to separate sides that are stuck together.

If you need other help with tri-suits, feel free to call or email Chris Summers, owner of Terrapin Wetsuits.