Scuba Headband


Other Accessories

Plain 3 mm neoprene Headband $18.00

These are reversible, but the colors are already made up on the neoprene.  When I confirm your order, I’ll mention the reverse side color you will receive.  Type your primary color selection into box below:

  • Black, Cadet Blue, Royal Blue, Pale Blue, Turquoise, Caribbean Blue, Spruce Teal,
  • Fluorescent Coral, Red, Brite Pink, Magenta, Violet, Maroon
  • Lemon Yellow, Fluorescent Yellow, Safety Orange, Fluorescent Lime
  • White, Silver, Gray Camo, Marine Blue Camo
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    Plain Adjustable 3 mm Headband $29.00

    Ear-covering headband will hold back bangs and cover ears to reduce water exchange. Like the one above, but with adjustable cording underneath the edge binding, so you can really snug it tight if you want. Asked-for by barefoot skiers!

    Color Selections same as for Plain style above (type into box below):



    Zip-Closed Gauntlet $55.00

    3 mm neoprene arm guard, with zipper to make donning easy and hold gauntlet securely in place. Has 5/8″ wide web straps down the sides (like belt loops) to hold up to two (2) wrist mount computers in place without rotating or sliding down the arm.

    Forearm Circumference
    Interior Finish Preference



    3mm Wine Bottle Carrier: $40-60.00

    Number of Bottles
    Color(s) Requested


    Baker Shoulder Saver Hanger $24.00 (MSRP is $27.00)



    Comes with one removable stainless steel hook, 2 washers and a nylon-lined nut. Due to size and weight the default shipping for this item is via US Postal Service Parcel Post.