Dry Suit Hoods


Cold Water Hoods

Cold Water Hood Upgrade: $20.00

Material Thickness

Cold Water hoods have full neck and shoulder coverage. Standard sizing is the same as the mini-hoods, and all the same embellishments are available. Plain cold water hoods are $72 and embellished ones are $84.  If you’re not sure about sizing, or want non-standard sizing, click here for information about where to measure yourself.

If you want a cold water hood instead of a mini hood, check this box and the $20 difference in price will be added to your order. You also need to select one mini hood from the Mini Hood menu, selecting the style/colors you want. If you select 5 mm on the coldwater upgrade, it will over-ride the thickness choice on the mini hood selection.

Example: Dragon Cold Water Hood $84.00


Baffle- Plain dry-suit hood $85.00

Material Thickness
Neck Seal Direction
Custom Colors?
Custom Color sides
Custom color center

Dry suit hoods have full neck and NO shoulder coverage. 1.5″ around face is made with N1 skin-in Neoprene for face seal. 1.5″ at base of neck is also N1 neoprene, and can be made with skin-in (standard) or skin-out (shown), to mate with your particular dry suit neck seal. The center section is made of 2 layers of 3 mm neoprene with offset holes to baffle the path of venting bubbles.  The thickness you choose above will be used for the sides and neck seal.

Sizing is the same as the mini-hoods, See our website for colors available in the various thicknesses. For neck seal other than skin-in, please email Chris@TerrapinWetsuits.com and let us know. If you want to add a top embellishment to this style of hood, we will replace the baffle section with a single layer of neoprene the same thickness as the sides.


Add a Top Embellishment $12.00

We can add an (extra) Embellishment to many of our custom hoods, but we don’t add them to other manufacturer’s products. Here’s how to order:

1) First select the style and size of your new hood and Add to Cart.

2) Next select the style of Embellishment and type in the box below.

3) Next select the topper’s color and type into the box below, and Add to Cart. Here are some examples:

Embellishment Options:

  • Shark Fin
  • Dolphin Fin
  • 2 Extra Devil Horns
  • Sea Dragon Spines
  • Cat Ears
  • ‘Mickey-Style’ Mouse Ears
  • One Princess Crown
  • Bat signal
  • Other…Send An Email with Request

Color Options:

  • Black, Cadet Blue, Royal Blue, Pale Blue, Turquoise, Spruce Teal
  • Fluorescent Coral, Red, Magenta, Bright Pink, Violet, Maroon
  • Lemon Yellow, Flourescent Yellow, Fluorescent Lime
  • White, Silver, Gray Camo, Marine Blue Camo

topper Color