Protect Yourself From Underwater Organisms That Can Sting With The Right Wetsuit

Whether you’re an avid scuba diver or a beginner, getting into the water and exploring is an exciting and unique experience. It’s important that when you dive, you’re not only comfortable in your wetsuit but also in your environment.

You are leaving the world you know and entering a whole new territory and there are many organisms that can sting or have venom in their spines that can cause some uncomfortable reactions in people.

In fact, many stinging fish are very well camouflaged, and divers have accidentally bumped or brushed one of these sea creatures and continued to feel the effects long after they left the water. In some cases, permanent damage can be caused by envenomation and/or secondary infections.

With the serious consequences of envenomation, and the risk of ruining a whole dive vacation , scuba divers need to be constantly on guard and prepared. When you are purchasing a wetsuit, it’s crucial that it fits you correctly and comfortably, providing the right protection from stinging corals, jellies and other pesky, yet painful, surprises that might cross your path.

Protect Yourself From Underwater Organisms That Can Sting With The Right WetsuitNot only can you customize the fit and the color, choosing the thickness of the suit should be a priority. A full-length neoprene wetsuit will protect your body from stings and the ugly reactions that could occur. Even in warm water, where a neoprene suit may be too hot, a Polartec full-length suit can provide much more protection than just a thin lycra diveskin, or bare skin.

A popular trend in scuba diving right now is the effort to contain the growing infestation of Lionfish that are taking over the Red Sea, the Caribbean and the South Pacific. These aggressive fish have few natural predators, are voracious eaters of smaller native fish species, and their venomous spines can and inflict stings that will cause redness, swelling and blistering. Their populations have grown at alarming rate in the Caribbean and south Atlantic waters. Many ecological groups are attempting to raise awareness of this problem, and are training divers to harvest or remove lionfish from invaded territories.

For more information about the groups that are working to preserve the ocean reefs and protect native fish species, visit Lionfish University here.

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