Dry-Suit Hood




Dry suit hoods have full neck and NO shoulder coverage. 1.5″ around face is made with N1 skin-in Neoprene for face seal. 1.5″ at base of neck is also N1 neoprene, and can be made with skin-in (standard) or skin-out (shown), to mate with your particular dry suit neck seal. The center section is made of 2 layers of 3 mm neoprene with offset holes to baffle the path of venting bubbles. The thickness you choose above will be used for the sides and neck seal.

Sizing is the same as the mini-hoods, See our website for colors available in the various thicknesses. For neck seal other than skin-in, please email Chris@TerrapinWetsuits.com and let us know. If you want to add a top embellishment to this style of hood, we will replace the baffle section with a single layer of neoprene the same thickness as the sides.