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We can add a side embellishment in the form of a silhouette or one-color image to many of our custom hoods, but we don’t add them to other manufacturer’s products. Here’s how to order:

1) First select the style and size of your new hood and Add to Cart. Typically plain black mini hood, but you can choose any hood with plain sides. If you want a black background minihood, select the all black plain minihood, and leave the Custom Color box blank.  Or if you want a different color on the  background around the Critter, choose a Custom Color for the sides. Then Add to Cart.

2) Next select the style of Critter

3) Next select the Critter’s color and if you want the color for the hood’s center to be different than the sides, choose a Custom Center Color.  I recommend choosing the same as the color you select for the Critter.   Now hit Add to Cart.