Neoprene Camera Lens Covers

The only way to get those incredible underwater pictures is by actually submerging into the water with camera in hand. The world you will uncover from deep sea diving is magical and you can’t share or re-live that vision unless you capture it in pictures or video.

With modern technology and the advancements in the camera industry, there are a variety of high quality cameras with specialized lenses to capture the beauty of the world under the water. Some are waterproof cameras, and others come with pressure-proof housings. While these cameras and housing are tough and durable, the glass lenses are still vulnerable to scratching.

This can happen so many different ways: getting too close to that coral outcrop for a macro shot, filming a sweeping panorama and turning into an unseen obstacle, handing the camera up to a boat crewman when getting onboard, or bumping with other cameras in the rinse tank. Once the lens is scratched, there’s no repairing it, so it is wise to have a protective cover, as you never know what can happen.

As any professional diver will recommend, neoprene is the best material for cushioning and insulation. What is neoprene? It is in the family of synthetic rubbers. It has great chemical stability and is able to withstand temperature change and maintains flexibility while also being resistant to oil, heat, and weathering. It’s a great cushion to keep delicate equipment from contacting abrasive surfaces, and its flexibility means you can stuff a cover in your pocket underwater, when you want to store it. Neoprene Camera Lens Covers

At Terrapin Wetsuits, we recommend a neoprene cover to protect the underwater lens or port of your camera housing, particularly when in the transition zone from the water and into the rinse tank. Almost all underwater cameras will come with a protective dry cover, but you will still want a neoprene cover for wet use.  

Our camera lens and port covers are carefully made with plush-lined 5 mm neoprene on the front and stretchy 3 mm neoprene on the sides. Our covers also have a stretchy elastic edge binding for easy on and off, and for remaining intact when on.

What if you’re using a Go-Pro, or a waterproof compact camera that doesn’t require a housing or use a detachable lens? We also make 3 mm neoprene pouches to secure the entire camera, custom-made to whatever dimensions you require.   A pouch will both protect the camera from bumps and scratches (remember that small lens is vulnerable too), and can be clipped to your BCD so your hands are free to exit the water safely.

You can view and select from our neoprene lens covers on our website. For custom sizes, or any questions regarding our products, feel free to contact us