Look Good With A Hood

It’s no secret that cold water is not the most comfortable thing in the world. That’s why it’s important that if you are heading below in cooler conditions that you are prepared with not only the proper wetsuit but the proper head gear as well.

Make sure your head doesn’t get the chills next time you hit the cold water, get yourself a cold water hood from Terrapin Wetsuits.

The cold water hoods offered by Terrapin Wetsuits provide full head and shoulder coverage, which is more than the mini hood. They feature a face opening in the front (perfect for any breathing apparatus you may use) , but also cover your chin and neck to help keep you warm.

Even in warm waters, you lose more of body’s heat through the blood vessels concentrated on the surface of your head than anywhere else. Wearing a hood helps keep that heat contained and trapped closer to your body.

The cold water hoods can also be customized with embellishments for anyone looking to have fun with theirs. But these do more than just look playful or fun – they also can help serve as an easy visual reference while in the water.

While most divers with some experience feel confident in their abilities, they may not be able to tell at a glance which of the divers within their range of vision is actually their dive buddy. A distinctive look from one of our cold water hoods can help add a bright, obvious color and shape to uniquely identify you to your buddy while swimming at a distance.

The use of bright colors can also help make you more visible above the surface as well. A bright red or neon-colored hood will stand out in dusk conditions or choppy seas, making you much more visible to passersby on other boats or to your dive buddies on board the tender boat above.

While a bright hood is no replacement for a safety sausage, it can lend an extra air of security and help you get found in case you end up separated by a great distance from your dive vessel.

We offer several styles of embellishments, including shark and dolphin fins that can be added to the hood. Or perhaps you’re more the type to wear devil horns, sea dragon spikes, cat ears or even a princess crown. Whatever your own personal style, you’re sure to find a great dive hood to truly make your look your own.

To learn more about the cold water hoods available from Terrapin Wetsuits or to inquire about our other accessories and custom wetsuits or wetsuit alterations, call us today at 830-226-5194.