How has the Coronavirus affected the Wetsuit business?

Terrapin Wetsuits’ shop is located in a rural area of Central Texas, where Covid-19 was not prevalent in early 2020.  Kerr County went on quarantine/lock-down from mid-March through May, and we had only 29 cases reported in all that time.  Once Governor Abbott announced easing restrictions on public gatherings, traveling, and the use of state parks, the case count started to rise.  By June 30 there were 101 cases and 2 fatalities.  Twenty days later, there are now 277 cases of Covid-19 in Kerr County.

As the owner and primary tailor at Terrapin Wetsuits, I want customers to know that I am following the CDC guidelines for sanitation.  Furthermore, as of this date, I and my family are all still symptom-free (although we have not been tested).  To minimize possible contamination of your wetsuit, here’s what is done:

  • Each box that arrives gets the arrival date written on the outside, and goes into a queue.  Boxes waiting in the queue are not opened and wetsuits from one box are not placed in contact with the contents of any other box.
  • When your box gets to the front of the queue, all work tables are sanitized with Lysol before the box is opened.
  • Once the work on your suit is complete, it is packed back into the box it arrived in.  An invoice is e-mailed to you and once paid, your box is shipped back to you.

Terrapin Wetsuits is receiving a higher number of custom orders and suits for repairs or alterations than typical for this time of year.  This may be due to reduced inventory at retail dive shops, and the fact that many shops are no longer renting wetsuits. Therefore I have less ability to offer rush turn-around service, and cannot predict how long your individual wait time might be.  I appreciate your patience as we work through all of our orders with the attention and care each one deserves.