Go Surfing In Style With A Custom Wetsuit

In every California-made movie, we see bikini and board-short clad surfers in the pristine waters of the ocean. While it is possible to surf in limited attire, it is not always practical.

Surfers are prone to become victims of the not-always-pleasant conditions of the ocean. The waves may be good, but your body could suffer from cold temperatures, rashes from the fiberglass of the surfboard, dismounting into the sanding bottom, and sunburn from the sun’s relentless UV rays.

When it comes to choosing surfing gear, you want to first look at the fit. Having comfortable surfing attire will make all the difference in how successful your day and your mood is.

Here is an examination of the pros and cons of surfing “clothing”:

Too loose and barely there: your body receives little to no protection and loose clothing risks possible snags on the board, rocks, or coral in the surf zone, prohibiting you from surfing altogether. Wardrobe malfunctions (especially for females) is very common when bikini bathing suits are worn. We are not saying it’s wrong to wear them, but just beware of what can be uncovered.

Too tight-fitting surfing gear: this allows for limited flexibility, which as a surfer, you desperately need. Surfing gear, that is too tight, is also very difficult to put on and off. It can take a lot of time trying to squeeze into something that doesn’t fit properly and doesn’t allow for extra weight gain. Most off-the-rack surf wetsuits have back zippers, which don’t stretch. These can limit your ability to bend low to get under the curl.

A great solution?

A custom-made wetsuit. Wetsuits are designed for protecting the body and also for enhancing the swimming and surfing capabilities. Custom wetsuits are designed to fit your exact body shape properly. At Terrapin Wetsuits, our custom wetsuits help you feel the most comfortable so that you can perform your best while surfing.

We take your exact measurements and work hard at making the best wetsuit so that you no longer have to bare the elements. If you are interested surfing in style and want a wetsuit custom made for you, feel free to contact us.