Get Your Wetsuit Custom Fitted By The Person Who Made It, Here In The USA

Shopping for wetsuits is kind of like finding a great barber or hairdresser, finding that comfortability with a person who is fitting your wetsuit. It’s that feeling of knowing you’re happy when the results of your visit look great on you, and last a long time.

You have to make sure that the wetsuit is not only the color and style that you want, but that the suit fits perfectly to your body. Having a loose or ill-fitting wetsuit can cause issues like chaffing, and will make wearing your suit uncomfortable—not to mention that it won’t be able to do its job of keeping you warm while you swim or snorkel.

Here at Terrapin Wetsuits, we believe that each suit should be custom cut and made to fit each individual’s body. We offer custom tailoring for those types of suits, and we highly recommend that you have your suit fitted and tailored.

If you’d like to purchase a custom made suit, we’ll start out by taking your measurements. Then, we’ll show you a number of fabrics in the latest Neoprene or Polartec technologies, and you can choose the thickness of your suit. We are also able to create suits with varying thicknesses, so that areas of your body that get chilled quickly can get more insulation than other areas.

The next step is to choose the style of your suit. Whether you’re interested in a shorty, a full-length jumpsuit, or 2-piece Farmer John & Jacket, we offer many different options when it comes to style. When it comes to color, if you are partial to the classic black and silver color scheme, or you prefer a more lively color palette, Terrapin Wetsuits has what you need!

At Terrapin, we recommend wetsuits that are custom FIT, not just “custom made” because an ill-fitting wetsuit is going to be more trouble than it’s worth.  Very few custom wetsuit companies actually include a “custom fitting step” in their process, whereby the client gets to try on the suit and the suit is fit exactly to their body before it’s finished. That allows the client to have input on comfort, and to have exactly the right lengths. Terrapin Wetsuits is the ONLY U.S. company that includes a “custom fitting step” for BOTH Neoprene and Polartec wetsuits.  For a wetsuit that’s Made In The USA, contact us for more information today!