Finding The Right Suit For The Adaptive Diver

With a few modifications, everyone can take part in the amazing adventure that is diving. Being able to see the world from underneath the surface is one of those experiences all should have, even those who are physically challenged.

Many diving equipment manufacturers have made adjustments to their products to adapt to all body types and physical capabilities, especially those who are limited by a handicap. One of those products that are essential to the diving experience is the wetsuit.

Diving with a wetsuit is a necessity for a number of reasons. A wetsuit helps to regulate body temperature so as not to be affected by the shock of cold water, it also prevents cuts and scrapes from coral, and a suit helps you glide through the water.  Many adaptive divers lose muscle mass and body fat, so the buoyancy of the wetsuit helps keep them from sinking.

With the right company, a wetsuit can be altered to fit an adaptive diver. For example, if a diver has a missing limb, the suit can be re-structured to accommodate. Extra zippers can be added to a suit to make it easier to get into / out of.  As long as cleared with a physician, those with spinal cord injuries can still dive, but may need a wetsuit with added support to the back.Finding The Right Suit For The Adaptive Diver

Here are a few of the steps you can take to get the best quality adaptive suit:

  • Consult with your doctor to determine where on the body you need more support
  • Find a company that professionally alters wetsuits
  • Have the proper measurement taken for your body
  • Find a friend to help with the measurement process to ensure your markings are correct

Terrapin Wetsuits has expert wetsuit alteration services. Specializing in adaptive wetsuits, we can help the physically challenged by having a suit that is safe, comfortable and functional to their needs. If you already have a suit to be altered, we are also the only wetsuit company in the USA that offers custom tailoring and adjustments to other manufacturer’s suits or if you are looking to have a new wetsuit made, contact us today!