Does Your Wetsuit Not Fit Like It Used To? Don’t Worry – Terrapin Wetsuits Does Wetsuit Alterations!

Maybe you ate a couple of extra servings of turkey at Thanksgiving or you couldn’t help yourself when presented with Christmas cookies. Maybe you stuck to your New Year’s resolution last year or started a new diet and you’ve shed a few inches from your waistline.

Whatever your situation, those changes in your size don’t mean you have to buy an entirely new wetsuit. Instead, Terrapin can adjust it at a fraction of the cost of a new suit. With our alteration services, you can make changes to your suit as your body makes changes of its own.

Terrapin Wetsuits is unique because we’re the only company in the USA to offer custom adjustments and alterations to other manufacturers’ suits. Besides repairing tears, cuts or broken zippers, Terrapin has the ability to make your microprene dive skin, Neoprene, Polartec, Sharkskin, or Lavacore wetsuit larger or smaller by adding more material or bringing in the suit at the seams.

We’ve worked with suits from many common manufacturers using a range of different materials, giving us the experience to make sure that your alterations are made reliably and durably. With our skill, we can ensure that not only will your altered wetsuit fit better, but it will also continue to serve you for many future dives.

All you do is complete two pages of measurements, indicating on prepared drawings the spots where you need altering, and send Terrapin the wetsuit to make the changes. If you’ve noticed bulges in places that used to be flat on your body or if your love handles have disappeared, it might be time to send in your wetsuit for alterations.

Whether your suit is now too big or too small, Terrapin’s wetsuit alterations are done to your specifications so your wetsuit fits your body perfectly.

Got any questions about wetsuit alterations? Call us at 830-226-5194 today.