Diving Safety Tips

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, many divers were not able to travel in 2020. For those heading back out into the waters, then, this could be your first time diving in over a year. Before you strap on your diving suit, make sure you follow the proper precautions for a seamless diving experience.


It’s not uncommon to be unfit to dive after skipping a whole year. Not only will your body be unacclimated to diving, but you’ve also likely skipped your regular workouts during the past year. Before you set off, you should check to make sure you’re in the proper shape to go diving. See how long you can hold your breath and try swimming some laps in the pool to see how you would fair out in the water. You may also want to talk with your doctor if you have any underlying medical conditions.

Check the condition of your equipment

Having properly functioning diving equipment is crucial for a safe diving experience. After a whole year without diving, it’s likely that some of your equipment won’t work like it did the year prior. Give all of your gear a close inspection, and then do a practice dive in a pool to find any underlying issues.

See if your wetsuit should be let-out

An entire year without diving and with little exercise will impact your weight. If your weight has changed at all in the past year, you may have to let-out your wetsuit. A too-tight suit can restrict your breathing underwater, leading to discomfort, anxiousness, faster air consumption, and shorter dives. For a safer and more enjoyable experience, you’ll want a wetsuit that fits you properly.

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