Dive For A Better Body

Scuba Diving for Fitness

The mysteries of marine life have fascinated us for hundreds of years. Books have been written about it and films produced concerning underwater adventures. Scuba diving is one way to get up close and personal with these mysteries, but now it is being touted for another reason – a great option for staying in shape.

To begin your scuba diving experience, it is imperative that you take classes in the sport. Learning how to breathe and maneuver with an air tank on your back are vital to both your safety and enjoyment of being underwater.

Scuba diving is a low impact sport. There isn’t the strain on your joints that comes with running and other on-land sports. But you do learn to use your hips, glutes, back and core muscles to swim through water, which is a hundred times denser than air. You build your stamina, buoyancy and improve your breathing technique through practicing and developing your swim strokes and strength.

The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) offers certification courses for beginners, which can help you begin learning how to breathe with a tank and use your body most efficiently under water. These courses build confidence for the novice while providing the important knowledge you need to use during your dive.

You will find that with practice, your breathing slows and becomes more even, and with each dive, you can maintain yourself for longer periods under water – all the while increasing muscle tone and overall fitness.

And let us not forget the splendor you will be in while diving. Underwater environments are beautiful, interesting and educational. You may be interacting with new species of marine life with each dive – so much more exciting than just watching the TVs or reading while working out in a gym.

This is a wondrous world worth exploration, and as you gain experience with the mechanics of scuba diving, you will be able to enjoy this new world more and more.

Scuba diving is an excellent way to bring fitness and joy to exercise, and is good for overall fitness – especially the lower body, back and core muscles, plus increasing your breathing capacity. You may even find that you will have to take-in your wetsuit after a while.

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