Customizing Wetsuits for Adaptive Diving

Scuba divers are guests in a foreign world and thanks to the ability to alter scuba suits, it’s a world that is open to everyone.

Through adaptive diving, scuba diving instructors and companies are able to help people with disabilities enjoy the sport of scuba diving. The Handicap Scuba Association has helped people of all types enjoy the sport since 1981 and companies like Terrapin Wetsuits help ensure those interested in the sport can find the right equipment.

Scuba diving is a fascinating pastime. By going underwater for extended periods of time, divers are able to explore marine life up close. The sport provides participants with not only fantastic exercise, but a social community that extends far beyond the dive.

Terrapin Wetsuits has been a leader in making adaptive diving equipment available. We have the ability to alter wetsuits to meet each individual diver’s unique needs.

For example, we can alter the length of arms or legs to fit those with special situations, such as a missing or injured limb.

Since wetsuits must fit the diver perfectly, being able to tailor a suit to an individual’s measurements and requirements opens the sport to an even larger group of people.

We can alter suits in other ways, as well. Extra space can be created with added pockets, providing space to hold trim weights or to support colostomy bags. Trim weights can be used when a person has a limb that has atrophied or is less capable, helping to maintain balance underwater.

The right weight can help the person remain steady while underwater and improve the overall diving experience. Extra zippers can also be added to make it easier for people to take the suit on and off, helping people that struggle with range of motion.

Scuba diving is a wonderful sport and with adaptive diving equipment, it is accessible to many more people.

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