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How has the Coronavirus affected the Wetsuit business?

Terrapin Wetsuits’ shop is located in a rural area of Central Texas, where Covid-19 was not prevalent in early 2020.  Kerr County went on quarantine/lock-down from mid-March through May, and we had only 29 cases reported in all that time.  Once Governor Abbott announced easing restrictions on public gatherings, traveling, and the use of state… Read more »

Free Travel Apps that will make your next trip soooooo much easier!

Thanks to Jane Haskins of Legal Zoom for this great article on Travel -related apps! Whether your destination is Kansas or Kathmandu, successful travel requires planning. And while some people love researching destinations and creating detailed lists and itineraries, many of us would rather not work so hard. That’s where the latest crop of travel apps… Read more »

Triathletes Deserve a Wetsuit that Fits, too!

Now that the weather is warming up just a bit in the south, lots of serious athletes start their spring training for Triathlon events. Although most of Terrapin Wetsuits’ customers are scuba divers, this is the time of year I get calls from triathletes, asking about repairing cuts and tears in their wetsuits that happened… Read more »

What do we do in the “Off Season”?

While it’s possible to dive year ’round, the fact is the custom wetsuit business slows down in January and February, so that gives Chris time to work on other projects.  Our industrial machines are uniquely qualified for sewing both neoprene and fur pelts, so we make custom fur items from pelts supplied by some of our customers.  Here… Read more »


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