Go Surfing In Style With A Custom Wetsuit

In every California-made movie, we see bikini and board-short clad surfers in the pristine waters of the ocean. While it is possible to surf in limited attire, it is not always practical. Surfers are prone to become victims of the not-always-pleasant conditions of the ocean. The waves may be good, but your body could suffer… Read more »

Protect Yourself From Underwater Organisms That Can Sting With The Right Wetsuit

Whether you’re an avid scuba diver or a beginner, getting into the water and exploring is an exciting and unique experience. It’s important that when you dive, you’re not only comfortable in your wetsuit but also in your environment. You are leaving the world you know and entering a whole new territory and there are… Read more »

Neoprene Camera Lens Covers

The only way to get those incredible underwater pictures is by actually submerging into the water with camera in hand. The world you will uncover from deep sea diving is magical and you can’t share or re-live that vision unless you capture it in pictures or video. With modern technology and the advancements in the… Read more »

What Would You Bring Under The Water?

It’s no secret that today’s society has become reliant on portable technology and our constant need to have everything accessible to us at a moment’s notice. Depending on your gender and generation, it might be a smartphone, a fit-bit, a camera, an iPod, a navigation device, or a Leatherman tool. And let’s face it… a… Read more »

Wetsuits for Specialty Photographers

Scuba diving and snorkeling are not just for the adventurous vacationer. People actually make a career out of diving below the water.  We would never know of the world that lies beneath the blue without professionals who have dedicated their life’s work to uncovering it. Underwater photographers especially, have played an important part in our… Read more »

Finding The Right Suit For The Adaptive Diver

With a few modifications, everyone can take part in the amazing adventure that is diving. Being able to see the world from underneath the surface is one of those experiences all should have, even those who are physically challenged. Many diving equipment manufacturers have made adjustments to their products to adapt to all body types… Read more »

Get Your Wetsuit Custom Fitted By The Person Who Made It, Here In The USA

Shopping for wetsuits is kind of like finding a great barber or hairdresser, finding that comfortability with a person who is fitting your wetsuit. It’s that feeling of knowing you’re happy when the results of your visit look great on you, and last a long time. You have to make sure that the wetsuit is… Read more »

Triathletes Deserve a Wetsuit that Fits, too!

Now that the weather is warming up just a bit in the south, lots of serious athletes start their spring training for Triathlon events. Although most of Terrapin Wetsuits’ customers are scuba divers, this is the time of year I get calls from triathletes, asking about repairing cuts and tears in their wetsuits that happened… Read more »

What do we do in the “Off Season”?

While it’s possible to dive year ’round, the fact is the custom wetsuit business slows down in January and February, so that gives Chris time to work on other projects.  Our industrial machines are uniquely qualified for sewing both neoprene and fur pelts, so we make custom fur items from pelts supplied by some of our customers.  Here… Read more »

My Zipper Broke, now what??

What to do if Your Zipper Breaks Zipper damage is the most common wetsuit “ailment”. When putting on a back-zip suit, hold the bottom of the zipper down with one hand while pulling straight up on the pull cord with the other hand. If your suit has a thumb loop at the bottom of the… Read more »