Suit of The Month – April, 2017

I am starting a new feature on our website, where I give special recognition to the “Suit of The Month”.  There will be a little information about what makes this suit unique, and hopefully it will inspire you to think about how you might like your suit to be improved, or what features you’d like… Read more »

Free Travel Apps that will make your next trip soooooo much easier!

Thanks to Jane Haskins of Legal Zoom for this great article on Travel -related apps! Whether your destination is Kansas or Kathmandu, successful travel requires planning. And while some people love researching destinations and creating detailed lists and itineraries, many of us would rather not work so hard. That’s where the latest crop of travel apps… Read more »

Dive For A Better Body

Scuba Diving for Fitness The mysteries of marine life have fascinated us for hundreds of years. Books have been written about it and films produced concerning underwater adventures. Scuba diving is one way to get up close and personal with these mysteries, but now it is being touted for another reason – a great option… Read more »

5 Domestic Destinations For Diving This Winter

Planning your next diving trip couldn’t be more exciting. The only difficult part is deciding where to go when there are so many great places to dive. Here are our recommendations for five places that we would recommend for those looking for a great dive during the winter season while staying along the coasts of… Read more »

Customizing Wetsuits for Adaptive Diving

Scuba divers are guests in a foreign world and thanks to the ability to alter scuba suits, it’s a world that is open to everyone. Through adaptive diving, scuba diving instructors and companies are able to help people with disabilities enjoy the sport of scuba diving. The Handicap Scuba Association has helped people of all… Read more »

Does Your Wetsuit Not Fit Like It Used To? Don’t Worry – Terrapin Wetsuits Does Wetsuit Alterations!

Maybe you ate a couple of extra servings of turkey at Thanksgiving or you couldn’t help yourself when presented with Christmas cookies. Maybe you stuck to your New Year’s resolution last year or started a new diet and you’ve shed a few inches from your waistline. Whatever your situation, those changes in your size don’t… Read more »

Invasive Aquatic Species

We’ve recently taken a look at how Lionfish are invading Caribbean waters, but they’re not the only invasive species out there. There are several different types of marine life that are currently in the process of migrating from one body of water to another, creating incredible disruptions throughout the entire native ecosystem. While there are… Read more »

Go Surfing In Style With A Custom Wetsuit

In every California-made movie, we see bikini and board-short clad surfers in the pristine waters of the ocean. While it is possible to surf in limited attire, it is not always practical. Surfers are prone to become victims of the not-always-pleasant conditions of the ocean. The waves may be good, but your body could suffer… Read more »

Protect Yourself From Underwater Organisms That Can Sting With The Right Wetsuit

Whether you’re an avid scuba diver or a beginner, getting into the water and exploring is an exciting and unique experience. It’s important that when you dive, you’re not only comfortable in your wetsuit but also in your environment. You are leaving the world you know and entering a whole new territory and there are… Read more »